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Topic: Math Worksheets Online

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Subject:   RE: Math Worksheets Online
Author: Mathman
Date: May 28 2006
On May 27 2006, Nathan wrote:

Since the "sample worksheets" gives only dead links [for me at least], and since
you can readily make up, or have made up worksheets in a free spreadsheet, I'd
stay away from it, period.

I've done spreadsheets in arithmetic and algebra for colleagues, for free, for
decades now.  They have random questions [F9 for another generated sheet],
automatically generated answers, and teacher control over range of values etc..
they also have the big advantage of not having to stare at a flickering computer
screen.  If you are not able to do so, there must be a computer teacher at your
school, or some bright enough student within the proliferation of students now
widely seen to be "gifted" who could accommodate you.

Besides, why are worksheets seen to be so difficult to do by hand?  They are
generally no more complicated than simple arithmetic of whole numbers, but what
I did was somewhat more extensive than that. Over a period of time there could
soon be a sizeable collection.  I did what I did for the mental exercise, but
did my own by hand.

All I'm doing here is advocating judicious use of software already freely


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