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Topic: Linear Simult Eqn Solver
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Subject:   RE: Linear Simult Eqn Solver
Author: Mathman
Date: May 28 2006
On May 28 2006, DS wrote:
> Is there any free downloadable GUI based n simultaneous equation
> solver application available for Windows / Unix platform.

Can you be more specific please?

How many equations [variables] max? No matter, just curious.

Do you want it to show sequential steps, or a final solution? If the former,
why?  That would not be a good way to learn at all if you are a student.  It
helps to know so as to not got too far too fast, or perhaps too slowly.

I've done them, questions and answers in a spreadsheet and in a BASIC program a
long time back.  It's simple enough to do a spreadsheet if only final answers
are needed, either on specific values, or random values.

If you wanted steps done for you, you'd have to decide which method was
appropriate, but again I'd avoid that sort of approach like the plague.

That said, Google is your friend.  Perhaps you can expand on what is given here
below for one possible spreadsheet solution: :Solve_simultaneous_equations_in_Excel

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