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Topic: Algebra for everyone

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Subject:   RE: Algebra for everyone
Author: Grip
Date: Jun 1 2006
On May 28 2006, Harvey wrote:
> I teach in a small private school. My principal thinks that
> everyone, if brought up to speed and is motivated should be able to
> do Algebra I. The reason is given that other subject don't tract
> students in a two tier system.

I have students at the top and at
> the bottom academically. We divide the class in two group by
> testing. One third go to Pre-algebra and the rest go to Algebra I.
> Now I've learned that schools in California are going to teach
> Algebra I as their easiest course for credit, no Pre-algebra,
> General Math, or remedial math. We try to give everyone a chance to
> succeed in math by taking them as far as we can with the knowledge
> they have. Second year we offer a remedial Algebra I and third year
> a remedial Geometry.

I can't understand how all students can
> learn the abstract concepts and how I can at the same time, keep the
> top academic students challenged.

Let me know what your doing at
> your school and where my reasoning is faulty.


We do it in our school. However, we are a large school and have several
sections, however, none are below Algebra I.

We differenatiate instruction within the class. All students take the same test
within a section and all sections take the same final test.

It's your attitude, you either believe all students can learn mathematics or you

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