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Topic: Use of Video

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Subject:   RE: Use of Video
Author: Calvin
Date: Jun 5 2006
I wasn't quite sure what you meant by "use of video" so I took the question more
generously than "what can I get at Blockbuster"?
We use videos posted online in a few ways:
1) Whiteboard videos: us (or the kids) record how to solve problems on a
whiteboard and then post it as a video.  Easy link for what I mean:
2) When collecting data, say a bouncing spring or tossing a ball, we somtimes
don't have the time for the students to collect the data with the equipment so
we use a digital videocam, take the video of ourselves collecting the data, drop
it into MovieMaker, add comments, voice-overs, etc and the kids watch it and
then work with the data.
3)The students can also toss a ball, videotape them doing so and then import the
video into LoggerPro ( ) to click on the
path of the ball and collect its height from the video.  
So, our use of video is a little more interactive than the English "let's watch
King Lear" approach.

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