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Topic: MS Word division symbol

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Subject:   RE: MS Word division symbol
Author: BruceTchr
Date: Jun 28 2006
If you don't have the Equation Editor installed, take your Office CD and install
it. The Equation Editor is the easiest way to do math symbols quickly if you are
using a lot of symbols.

But a quick way to use the symbols is the following.
After you insert the division symbol, highlight it, and select Tools,
AutoCorrect. The highlighted symbol appears in the With tab, and in the replace
tab type   div     Click Add, click OK. Now whenever you type div (followed by a
space) Word will automatically change it to a division symbol. I find that the
division symbol at 12 point does not look as good as at 16 point. So I have the
16 point version highlighted, and that is what replaces the div.

This is a good way to put in more complicated things; when I type pir  Word
replaces it with pirsquared (with the pi symbol, the letter r (italicized), and
the exponent 2). It saves a lot of time.
Make sure that the items you are replacing are not real words.

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