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Topic: Converting units tools.
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Subject:   RE: Converting units tools.
Author: Mathman
Date: Jun 28 2006
On Jun 28 2006, denisef wrote:
> I reviewed our sixth grade benchmarks and saw that our students were
> weak in converting units. The examples on the tool at this site are
> too difficult. Could you prepare activities in which students only
> convert standard to standard measures (example, yards to feet,
> inches to yards) or metric to metric ( centimeters to meters, etc.)
> I would find this very helpful. Thanks. Denise

There are lots of freeware/shareware programs that will do this sort of
calculation, but that is not a teaching tool.  You might consider using a
spreadsheet to generate both tables and graphs, or even have the students
prepare a spreadsheet with some assistance by means of well-documented
instructions.  Then you can design it any which way.


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