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Topic: MS Word division symbol

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Subject:   RE: MS Word division symbol
Author: Mathman
Date: Jun 28 2006
On Mar  3 2004, Beth Asbeck wrote:
> I'm trying to come up with a way to create a division symbol (the
> line with the dot on top & below).

Also, I'd love to know
> an easy way to type in fractions with the numerator above the
> denominator

1.  Either choose a suitable math font for the division sign or a math editor.
There's a freebie ...Mathcaster, but I'd be more professional if being
professional and get a good one once and for all.  Both Word and WordPerfect
have embedded math editors now, based on MathType, which can be bought
separately and is more expansive.  OpenOffice suite has a good math editor, but
it's not GUI and so has a learning curve.

2.  For the fractions, use a math editor as above, or use a spreadsheet or a
well designed wordprocessor table to advantage.  I prefer the former and have
done some spreadsheets which express compound fractions for example as seen
normally, and which will do calculations on them giving normal looking results
of arithmetic.  That requires some effort but is simple enough in theory.  The
OpenOffice suite also has a great spreadsheet.


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