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Topic: Digging Dirt applied problem
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Subject:   Digging Dirt applied problem
Author: jd
Date: Jun 29 2006
Digging Dirt is the first of a number of applied problems that the eNLVM project
will be publishing based on materials created by SRI International for a
CD-ROM product called Math Insight ( ). They
have graciously allowed us to "remix" their content, reusing the ideas, videos,
and some of their tools. We are adapting it to a web-based format and adding
our own ideas and tools. Their problems are great and we are very excited about
the prospects!

In our design, we tried to make it possible for a student to solve the problem
without using any help or additional technology. For the students who need or
want it we have provided tools and guides, in the form of leading questions,
that can help the student solve the problem. Once completed, the student is
required to write up their solution including explanations of the steps they
take. We intend to follow a similar design for the other Math Insight problems
and welcome feedback or suggestions on the design.

We user tested the eModule and were impressed by the engagement, problem solving
processes, and communication that we observed. We are interested in hearing
observations from others who try this out with their students.

Digging Dirt asks students calculate what an excavation company should charge
for digging a hole. Students must find the volume of an irregular shaped prism,
convert units, calculate the cost based on a linear formula, and write an

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