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Topic: Lesson Plans on Power Point

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Subject:   RE: Lesson Plans on Power Point
Author: Craig
Date: Jul 3 2006
On Jul  1 2006, swhitt wrote:
> Although I'm not new to computers, I AM new to Power Point.  Is this
> software a good way to present math lessons?  Has anyone had any
> luck with this?

I have been using PowerPoint in classes for a few years, and some of my
colleagues have, too.  I think our experience has been that good teachers can
make good use of PowerPoint... there are two other lessons, though:  good
teachers are good whether or not they use technology, and teachers who are
weaker don't become that much better by using PowerPoint.

When I had to hire a new teacher this Spring, many students turned their noses
up at teachers who used PowerPoint.  I was upset and offended by this (since I
have been using the technology for a while), until I investigated further.  The
most vocal students had never studied math with a teacher who used much
PowerPoint!  I queried my students, and most claimed to appreciate the way I use
the technology--I embed demonstrations, I use it as a framework for class
activities, I use it to give instructions.  

In my more activity-oriented classes, I will have no more than about six
slides for a 50-minute class (often fewer).  In another, more lecture-based
class, I might have as many as 12 or 14 slides.  I like being able to embed
either graphics or spreadsheets or links to software (or to tools from
MathTools!) so that I can demonstrate or collect data as needed in the class.  I
also take care to use the chalkboard, because it is often instructive for
students to see development of equations (or working of examples) in real time
(though I can also do this with PowerPoint, the movement of student head and
eyes when I move to the blackboard helps to keep students involved).

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