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Topic: Lesson Plans on Power Point

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Subject:   RE: Lesson Plans on Power Point
Author: Mathman
Date: Jul 3 2006
On Jul  3 2006, Craig wrote:
>I think our experience has been that good
> teachers can make good use of PowerPoint... there are two other
> lessons, though:  good teachers are good whether or not they use
> technology, and teachers who are weaker don't become that much
> better by using PowerPoint.

I'd respectfully suggest further that if a teacher needs to use it, they should,
and if not, they need not, and niether one should frown on the other.  One can
write comprehensive lesson plans in WordPerfect, or another might scratch a
rough outline in a small notebook.  One works better for one than the other
...either way.  I've taught some pretty decent students some fairly hefty
material, beginning by simply opening the book and glancing at the section
title.  There have also been times when some well prepared [the night before]
images have come in handy.  The latter can be stored and used time and again
with such software available.  However, as you point out more or less, when it
comes to the crunch, what gets the attention of the student is the fact of the
knowledge and skill of the teacher in the subject matter.


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