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Topic: creative opening question for a lesson

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Subject:   RE: Factoring polynomials
Author: Mathman
Date: Jul 6 2006
On Jul  6 2006, Magdi wrote:
> but I found that only
> those who are intresting in mathematics can follow with you, for the
> rest we are in need to make it easy for them to do

I could not agree with you more.  We have a saying here when dealing with
students who have difficulty learning a topic..."Whatever works."  So, please
understand that I do not condemn the use of well devised computer tools.

What I do like to see is a firm foundation for later study, too often lacking
even in those who do go on to higher study, not just those who have difficulty
early.  As one simple example, I like to see them understand pattern and get
enough practice so that the patterns will jump out at them.  A student of
calculus should not hesitate when factoring is needed, both recognising the
need, then doing it easily.  He/she should not see any difference between A^2 -
B^2 and (x+y+z)^2 - (x+y-z)^2, and approach the one as readily as the other
when done their basic study.  For those having dificuly early ....Whatever


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