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Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: lindaparmenter
Date: Aug 9 2006

I saw your message today and find that I am struggling with the sam problem with
the middle school students I teach.  I am very interested to see what kind of
responses you get.  

In a workshop I recently attended, the instructor addressed the problem of doing
practice and not getting graded on it.  She addressed in it terms of the sports
that the students play.  She went on to say that she would ask the child about
how they practiced to get ready for the game.  Then she would ask if the
practice shots that they made or the homeruns that they hit in practice counted
toward their stats.  Of course they don't.  Then she would say that is what the
practice in Math is like.  It's like getting ready for the big game.  An
interesting concept I thought.


On Aug  9 2006, John Mac wrote:
> I teach math at a local community college.

My biggest problem is
> getting students to spend time on homework.
They listen to my
> lectures.  They work assigned problems in class.
They are well
> disciplined.  

This is the way it is done.
We assign problems
> from the book on the current skills that I have lectured on, and we
> have worked in-class on.
Students are expected to work the problems
> in a composition book.
I can ask them to turn in their composition
> books while they are doing a test. (About every 3 weeks).  The
> school does not require that instructors look at home work.  Some
> instructors do not.
These composition books are, for the most part,
> a disaster.

How do you motivate students to do homework??
> Sincerely,


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