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Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: Craig
Date: Aug 9 2006
Why do you have your students do homework at all?  I certainly expect and
require my students to do homework, and my reason for doing so is that they
learn the math skills by working through problems and thinking about them.
However, if they get no timely feedback (and once every three weeks or so is NOT
timely), then only the most confident students can feel that they are learning
by doing homework; the rest just jot down anything (or nothing) with no faith
that what they did (or didn't do) makes any difference.

You might be able to encourage more careful homework if you collect at least
some homework more often, and use a little bit of class time to comment about
quality homework submissions you see (maybe even photocopy a page of a
particularly good work).  You might try collecting a problem or two from each
student each week (and mark and return quickly so the students get immediate
feedback) to build up a homework "habit."

Another possibility would be to have students critique each others' homework
notebooks for a few minutes each class session.  As they are doing this, walk
around and look for some particularly good examples to use, or else walk around
and suggest improvements.

Homework is a difficult issue (for lots of different reasons) for most teachers.
Good luck with your struggle to help your students get the most out of your

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