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Topic: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Homework
Author: Raz
Date: Aug 10 2006
I teach an introduction to process class to new employees for a large
manufacturing company.  My situation is different from high school because the
students have a reason to learn the math, geometry etc. that is required to
perform the work.

  Because teamwork is a very important part of our process I have adopted this
concept in my class.  I give a test on the first day to determine the level of
each student.  Students are organized into three person teams. Each team has one
person from the higher level, one from mid level and one from the low level. I
explain that there is no individual failure or mistake it is a team failure or
mistake.  If a team member is struggling with a problem the team helps to work
it out.  I caution them that we are not in a race but it does create competition
between teams.  I give homework that would make a school student cringe.  It’s
not uncommon for me to give over 100 math problems for one night's homework. I
give enough time to do most of the problems in class and that is where teamwork
comes in.  The next morning we cover any difficult problems in the homework.
Then the teams exchanged the homework with other teams for checking.  This takes
very little time because only the answers are read and questions are held until
the end.  This is only one way to get students to do homework but it works for
me and encourages teamwork.
On another note I want to encourage students to learn as much higher math and
communication skills as possible while in school.  This will increase the chance
for employment and promotion. One of the first items we consider when looking at
an application is attendance.  If a student does not attend class he is not
going to show up for work so we will not consider that application.  I am
interested in feed back on my teaching concept.
   Aug  9 2006, John Mac wrote:
> I teach math at a local community college.

My biggest problem is
> getting students to spend time on homework.
They listen to my
> lectures.  They work assigned problems in class.
They are well
> disciplined.  

This is the way it is done.
We assign problems
> from the book on the current skills that I have lectured on, and we
> have worked in-class on.
Students are expected to work the problems
> in a composition book.
I can ask them to turn in their composition
> books while they are doing a test. (About every 3 weeks).  The
> school does not require that instructors look at home work.  Some
> instructors do not.
These composition books are, for the most part,
> a disaster.

How do you motivate students to do homework??
> Sincerely,


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