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Topic: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions

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Subject:   RE: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions
Author: Mathman
Date: Aug 30 2006
On Aug 30 2006, Susan wrote:
> Just a little tip---it is sometimes hard to "find" the point your
> want to drag with your finger on the Smartboard.  To avoid this
> problem, make your points large and use thick lines. They will show
> up better too.

This is SO contrary to traditional methods which emphasise that the line has no
thickness, nor the point dimension.  Euclid was my first love [academic], and
all I can do is shudder.  Perhaps this is why I spent just under two hours
tutoring, and convincing, a student who had had all the software available, but
none of the skill.

PLEASE do make a point [pun intended] of not having students think of geometric
structures as being so grossly distorted, unless they are in kindergarten, where
that would be the norm.  Always, lines are thin, and points as small as
possible, being visible only to make them visible.  If that is not possible,
then this software is not the answer, and people are having the course meet the
requirements of the materials, rather than have the materials meet the
requirements of the course.


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