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Topic: First Impressions of Dimenxian
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Subject:   RE: First Impressions of Dimenxian
Author: Craig
Date: Sep 15 2006
On Sep 14 2006, QB wrote:
> ...How does a teacher assess if
> the students are benefitting/learning from these games?  Their
> scores, their willingness to play?

How does a teacher assess whether students are benefitting or learning from any
activity, whether it takes place in the classroom or elsewhere (such as
homework)?  Just as no teacher worth his salt would take performance on one
homework problem as final, definitive evidence that a student has learned
anything, "willingness to play" or a score on a game would be meaningless out of
context.  Does the lesson learned during game play transfer out of the game?
That's the meat of assessment, whether you're assessing an algebra video game, a
sheet of work on drill problems, or an open-ended optimization problem in

"What do I want the student to learn?" cannot be divorced from the related
question "How do I know whether my student has learned it?"  Only after both of
these questions are answered can the teacher begin to ask intelligent questions
about "How can I teach this material to this student?" and make selections from
a variety of teaching approaches, which may, for some students and/or some
topics, include a game setting.

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