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Topic: Re: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Re: Homework
Author: kscoastie
Date: Sep 20 2006
You are absolutely right.  I always knew that homework was a problem area and I
have even had "no homework" policies in the past.  However, I do realize that
for information to really be "cemented" into our brains we need to practice--
that old sports analogy again.  

The only pitfalls I find in giving answers is that some students will just copy
the answers and call it good.  They will be caught when the test comes along
anyway.  I don't have time to grade all the homework.  I have a place on the
board for students to list problems about which they have questions.  I go over
the problems (or reteach the lesson if there are many problems) and then quiz
students over the assignment.  I allow corrections to all quizzes and tests,
another way that I believe gives them an opportunity to more fully learn the

Over all it takes much less time to go over a couple "problem" problems than to
correct an entire assignment or have the students find out they don't understand
something when they thought they did.

I hope this makes some sense to you.  :-)

On Sep 20 2006, acobas wrote:
> I think that we have to ask ourselves what is the purpose of the
> homework assignment.  I, unfortunatley, found myself in positions
> where I gave an assignment because my shool,principal, district
> etc.demanded it of all teachers essentially daily.  I used to find
> it time consuming and often kids copied from one another.  My
> biggest problem was finding time to go over it.  I do like the idea
> of suppling  the answer key, however doesn't even that method have
> pitfalls?  Also when did you find the time to go over it??  Did you
> have a set time in the period for homework questions?

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