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Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: kscoastie
Date: Sep 21 2006
I don't think there is an easy way to motivate students to do homework.  It
really has to be a personal decision.  I strongly push my students to make
"good" decisions, but I remind them all the time that the decision is entirely
theirs.  I also give plenty of real-life examples of successful decision
making and poor decision making.  This seems to help.  

Because I believe that homework needs to be a time to practice skills, I tell my
students that the better they learn the skills in class, the easier it will be
to finish the homework in a timely manner.  If you don't pay attention in class,
you will have to try to teach yourself the concepts.  That's not always possible
and is very frustrating to them.  

Again, all these techniques work for some and not for others.  It is a daily
task to remember our purpose is to raise thinking, productive, and inquisitive
adults capable of making informed decisions and able to stand behind the
decisions they make.  After all, they will be in charge some day.

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