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Topic: Re: Homework

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Subject:   RE: Re: Homework
Author: Boucly
Date: Sep 23 2006
On Sep 22 2006, Mathman wrote:
>It's your life.  Motivate yourself.

Yeah. It's harsh in a way, but true. My problem is that for the past few years,
I didn't really have to learn anything to get A's and A*'s in most of the
subjects because I know most of the stuff before the teacher even taught me. But
now, going into Year 11, I have to start working hard again. But I had been
slacking and well I got used to it.

As for the digging thing (thanks for the motivation :)  ), I did imagine myself
working like that, but I doubt that would happen and I won't let it. One, I am
as weak as a cucumber and I won't last three days; Second, I am me and I can
accomplish anything except for physical works :P Besides, I am already one of
the top man in class, I just wanted to go further and work harder, that's all,
because I know I can.

Cheers everyone,

PS. Does anyone believe in ghosts? I love and is good at Maths. Do you think it
could have anything to do with me born in Halloween?

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