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Topic: First Impressions of Dimenxian
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Subject:   RE: First Impressions of Dimenxian
Author: Davem
Date: Sep 23 2006
On Sep 23 2006, Suzanne wrote:
> On Sep 15 2006, Mathman wrote:
> How?  Time is of the essence.  If
> the course has been covered, there
> is no time to do it again
> using the software.

These statements make it appear that once
> students cover material in a specific course that they never have
> time to think about it again.

Is there any benefit in having
> students encounter mathematical topics outside the course where they
> are expected to "master" that content?

Might a video game like
> Dimenxian strengthen mathematical understanding before or after the
> content is being formally presented in a classroom setting?

> wonder if all learning takes place only in a classroom with a
> certificated teacher?


Shhhhhhh!  Quiet!  Thou dost heresy speak!

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