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Topic: Fractions ugh...!

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Subject:   RE: Fractions ugh...!
Author: Maurici
Date: Mar 2 2015
Jeff L:
I totally agree.
And contrary to what appears to be read in the excerpt in this long letter, I
didn't intended to say that everything should be done in the order that I say,
one thing behind the other. But yeah, that to reach the end of this journey that
for me is the division of fractions being of the sign they be, some previous
stages must be completed, and experienced with them enough  to avoid getting
In this text, trying to sort out some of my thoughts, and structure facing the
realization of a small app that I plan to develop in the coming days.
(And I have fear of being wrong from the beginning).
Here I was trying to sort my thoughts and my program at the same time.

I appreciate the comment, and I wish there were more.

Thank You.

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