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Topic: Fractions ugh...!

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Subject:   RE: Fractions ugh...!
Author: Maurici
Date: Mar 6 2015
Your last answer has been a shock to me.
I did not know with whom was talking, until I followed the link that you
recommended to me.
I seem to remember your name when I started making my first jobs in JavaScript
and applets (around 1999 and subsequent years). I remember that your work was an
example for me, along with James Bulaevsky, Alexander Bogomolny, Walter Fendt,
Tom Leathrum and Brian Sutherland.
I will say that I liked your calculator to make divisions of 5 buttons.
And it is in line with what I would like to do.
I appreciate the recommendation a lot.
The already too long text that is in the beginning of this dialogue should be
But right now I have not thought enough, nor have I experienced enough to do
As I said in the long letter, I think we have to teach kids that math is a solid
construction. And therefore, must be able to experiment with them and test them
to check.
The mathematics taught me, were fragile:
There were many things that could not be done, and I had to believe using the
mental mechanisms of a class of religon instead of math class.
For example: If you put a negative number in the denominator, the teachers
always said to  me that this was invalid and had to put it in front of the
fraction. And if I put a negative number above and one below, not worth, because
we had to then remove all negative signs.
And you could ask why, no one knew answer it.
And do not think that the situation has improved in this respect.
Thank you very much for the reply, and I would love to continue the dialogue.


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