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Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: markovchaney
Date: Oct 4 2006
Centuries? Really? Are you sure you aren't making the past 75-80 years or so
=> hundreds?

Seems to me that we have a very distorted notion of the actual history of
education. Do we actually have evidence that there was HOMEWORK given prior to
the 20th century? I'm very skeptical that such was the case.

I can't think of a single 19th century novel I've read where the topic of
homework or how parents and kids related over the issue of homework arose. Not
one. That's not proof, but I think it's a reason to be suspicious.

We suffer in the present era from the widely-held "common-sense" delusion
that the way things have been in US classrooms since about 1910 are the way
things were in ALL classrooms forever. But our current ideas of school are
mostly the result of the conscious adaptation of the Prussian military training
model to the design of US schools and classrooms (you could look it up!). Think
school was like this in the 1800s? It just ain't so.

On Oct  4 2006, Mathman wrote:

They've known for centuries.
> It's not a new revelation.  It is only lately that the
> responsibility has been placed by parents solely upon the shoulders
> of the already overworked teacher.  One thing has not changed in
> reality:  It is the responsibility of the teacher to teach and to
> provide homework.  It is the responsibility of the student to learn
> and do homework, and the responsibility of the parent to make it so.
> it is a matter of priorities ...and getting them in the right order.
> One solution:  "Do your homework, or fail.  Now decide."


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