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Topic: forum with easy graphics? math symbols?

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Subject:   RE: forum with easy graphics? math symbols?
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 6 2006
On Oct  6 2006, gregoreo wrote:
> Has anyone seen a discussion forum that allows easy inline insertion
> of graphics?

Greg, you may have to rely upon both a forum that supports the graphics and
either a link to your own website for download or viewing, or a link to some
repository like, or

If among your own students, you could establish an email connection, and simply
use file attachements.  As you suggest, MathType can be used to easily generate
formulas and symbols.  However, if looking for something completely free,
consider using the open source OpenOffice suite.  It is a great suite.  Even if
not entirely compatible with MS Office [what is?] it is great in and of itself,
and has its own math editor, which is not GUI and so has a learning curve, but
is still very good.  You can develop a word processor document, and insert
formulas, tables, and graphics, and embed a spreadsheet, then export all as a
PDF.  Or you can combine the word processor with external program like MathType,
and perhaps more specialised PDF makers if you wish.  I've done all of the above
when tutoring by email, and found the method very useful, usually exchanging
final-form PDFs.  Using the word processor, you can also insert great gaphics
of graphs and such from other useful free programs.  Another program useful in
conjunction with these is Fine Print, which will crunch several pages into one
sheet.  The final PDF in this form is still readable since Fineprint preserves
quality even though size is greatly reduced, and the PDF can be zoomed, still
preserving quality.  All of that would depend upon personal needs though.  You
might want to go to some other site forum discussion if you want more detail on
how to prepare interactive HTML.

I'm presently using most of the above with other programs not mentioned here
while writing a small text, and find the process much more tedious than writing
by hand, so, if your handwriting and theirs is acceptable, you might also
consider another option and simply write, scan, and send as an email attached
file.  Too often the effort is put into the formulating, and typesetting rather
than the content, unless that comes easy after much practice.


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