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Topic: Virtual Manipulative in the Mathematics Classroom

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Subject:   RE: Virtual Manipulative in the Mathematics Classroom
Author: QMF
Date: Oct 10 2006
I'm a little suspicious about this.  If you Google Jennifer Dyson's name, you
find a business analyst in the information technology and services area.
Coincidence?  Cheap market research for a company marketing a virtual
manipulative product?  In any case, why not use computers in the classroom for
what they are really designed for - i.e., interactive functions, charting scores
on math tests, allowing teachers to track student's performance and save
themselves time grading tests, doing homework online via remote access to the
school metwork, etc. etc.  What is really the point of "virtual manipulatives",
when manipulatives really should only be used up to 2nd grade anyway?  Beyond
that kids should learn math facts and move on from manipulatives.  I seriously
hope that virtual manipulatives never get introduced into classrooms!  This
would have a very negative impact on the development of the mathematical mind in
young children!

Margaret Groves
(Montessori-trained educator with experience teaching math to very young
On Oct 10 2006, JenDyson wrote:
> Hello,

I am a graduate student at Texas A&M University, Corpus
> Christi.  I am conducting research for my master's degree in
> Curriculum & Instruction, specializing in math.  Specifically, I
> created a survey regarding the role of virtual manipulatives in
> today's mathematics classroom.  I am in the process of distributing
> this survey to as many mathematics teachers as possible.  Your help
> would be greatly appreciated.  Below is a direct link to the survey:

PLEASE forward
> this message on to any teachers you know who are currently teaching
> mathematics-- elementary, middle, or high school.  With your help, I
> hope to receive results from all over the country.  

Any help you
> can provide in publicizing this survey is greatly appreciated.
> Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Dyson

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