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Topic: K3DSurf: New 3D math tool

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Subject:   RE: K3DSurf: New 3D math tool
Author: nextstep
Date: Oct 12 2006
Hi Solin,
CND == "Condition" : This condition on x,y and z shows a particular
region on the surface that verify the equation(s) in this field. The example in
K3DSurf is  : "(x^2 + y^2 > 0.05) & ( x+y+z > -1)".
The first part "(x^2 + y^2 > 0.05)" is the definition of a region in space
delimited by a cylinder which has the equation (x^2 + y^2 = 0.05).
The second part " x+y+z > -1" is the definition of a region in space delimited
by a plan which has the equation (x+y+z = -1).
One of the interesting feature of K3DSurf is the support of isosurfaces, so
maybe one day it'll be able to draw conditions eqautions along with the object
:)...but right now, you have to use your imagination to fully understand the
signification of each equation (like I said before, a lot of work still
K3DSurf is specialised for surface and not in curves (even if it can draw them
in 3D space) so you can't use it to retreive some infos on special points,
sorry. The curve drawn with K3DSurf are in 3D space, but you can do some drawing
in 2D (still K3DSurf is not intended for that). Example :
go to "Iso" page, in the field "F(x,y,z,t) = " write "z".
Go no to the field "CND = " write "y - sin(2*pi*x/8) > 0"
The result is a cure with equation "y = sin(2*pi*x/8)" in the plan which is
defined with the equation "z = 0".
To resum, K3DSurf is difficult for initiation of drawing curves (because it's
done in 3D space).

On Oct 11 2006, Solin wrote:
> Hi Taha,
    Thank you very much for your zeal.
    Yesterday I
> introduced your software to my workmates,they are surprised about
> its wonderful graphs.
    Here, I have some questions needing your
> help,
    (1)What does the item "CND" mean?(I'm sorry for my poor
> english)
    (2)Can I draw some points on the curve?
    (3)Do you
> have the plan that the uesrs of K3DSurf can get intercepts of two
> lines?
    I have others ideas which now can not,and will be
> expressd here because of my poor english.
    Thank you again.
> Regards!

On Oct 10 2006, nextstep wrote:
> Hi Solin,
> Thank you for your message and I'm glad you like K3DSurf
> :).
> Moreover, we are happy to know that there is some users in the
> great contry of China : Internet is really a magic world :).
> > hesitate to give us your suggestions or questions about some of
> it's
> features, there still a lot to do, correct or improve.
> i
> wish i
> could be one of your friends.
Be sure we are more than
> happy to
> count you already as one of our friends.
Thank you
> again.

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