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Topic: Virtual Manipulative in the Mathematics Classroom

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Subject:   RE: Virtual Manipulative in the Mathematics Classroom
Author: Mathman
Date: Oct 13 2006
On Oct 13 2006, Don Link wrote:
>I use PowerPoint to build my lessons,
> and I use a SmartBoard for interactivity.

As I suggested, Don, the teacher should have the choice, and not be a drone.
The only caution I have is overuse, and misuse.  I've seen all the arguments
over the years, and the baby is too often thrown out with the bathwater as one
tool replaces another that was really quite useful.  If the tool is used wisely,
there is nothing wrong with the tool. If a tool replaces another, or another
method, it should be well documented first that it is of great benefit to do so.
Too often it is not, but is simply accepted as the panacea I mentioned.

More power[point] to you!  I can teach, and have done so, each and every grade
and level in high school mathematics, from those students with great difficulty
to those preparing for competition.  I can do that with or without tables, slide
rule, calculator, graphing calculator, or computer.  What matters is the
concepts and ideas.  Every teacher should use whatever they think best to get
across those concepts and ideas.  It is their choice, and should remain so.
There will never be any argument there from me.  This forum is great in that it
provides a set of tools to make that choice available.


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