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Topic: A student on Galatic Exchange.
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Subject:   RE: I lack reasoning skills!
Author: Draco18s
Date: Oct 15 2006
On Nov 21 2003, Michelle wrote:
> I might
> have liked it better if it was more realistic. For example instead
> of using a fictional planet with a fake currency it would have been
> cool if you used a real foreign country with their currency.

I completely agree.  When I was working with this for the class that I have
where we are trying to develop fun tools and activities (hopefully on the game
level), my group had significant problems trying to understand this tool.  Not
having the questions to answer was most of the issue, but we weren't quite able
to wrap our minds around a triangle being worth 6 circles--or whatever it
As a group we thought that if the fake currency had been "Q," "N," and "D," then
those who need to work with something abstract can, and those that need
something they can relate to can use Quaters, Nickles, and Dimes.


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