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Topic: A student on Galatic Exchange.
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Subject:   RE: I lack reasoning skills!
Author: mcc36
Date: Oct 17 2006
Being in the same group as Major, I absolutely agree with his statements (see
above post). The issue here lies in a sort of double abstraction. It's simple to
say, with a sound grasp of proportional reasoning, that a child who does not
will learn about it better under the guise of 'intergalactic trade.'
Unfortunately, if the child is unclear of the reasoning behind it, equating
currency to circles and squares only compounds the issue.

When I was being taught proportions and currency, we used the corner grocery
store example, because there was a high level of parody. It was clear that
outside of the classroom, we would be forced to continually apply what we had
learned in a real environment that echoed the examples from class. Considering
what can be done with Flash and Java applets today, this may sound boring;
however, I'm quite clear on pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes, which is more
than I can say for circles, squares and triangles.

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