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Topic: Pool table tool
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Subject:   RE: Pool table tool
Author: Kraz
Date: Oct 17 2006
On Oct 17 2006, iris08 wrote:
> On Oct 16 2006, rao23 wrote:

Well, I didn't find the concept it attempts
> to introduce to be readily apparent. But if you look into its
> "Instructions" and especially its "Exploration" informative links, I
> believe a better understanding of this activity's purpose may be
> found. It would probably be helpful to present this computer
> activity with some sort of paper worksheet to fill out.

I agree that from a child's perspective the tool is not readily intuitive. From
the get go a student will most likely start clicking buttons and moving the
sliders. The student is not very likely to understand the correlation between
table size and number of bounces just by messing around in the application. I
also agree that pre instruction and possibly a worksheet would focus the
students efforts more and what they are supposed to be gaining from the

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