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Topic: Evolution of Math Garden
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Subject:   A Bigger Frame
Author: Lauro
Date: Oct 20 2017
We have to address first the very question of how we learn. Let us always keep
in mind how we, children and us included, learn. We, children and us
included,again, learn better if we set a predicate, where we are coming from..or
where we are going for that matter.

The new that we are to learn has to interact with a bigger frame...a context, or
if you like a worldview, the mind or one's brain.

 It is important to connect first the two. Take the case of lessons on fraction.
Children, the very young, has to proceed, not from fractions, but the connection
between wholes and parts. E.g Not from an illustration of a pie with a third or
a fourth shaded. And we write 1/3 or 1/4. Assuming that children can see and
understand that 1/3 is a third of 1 and of 3/3.

How about: 1 + 1 + 1+ 1 = 4. And 1 + 4/4 + 7/7  +  10 + 10 = 4?

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