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Topic: Virtual Reality Technology

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Subject:   RE: bridge building
Author: MathNerd
Date: Oct 29 2006

Do you have specific materials involving bridge building units and activities?
I am going to do one this year and am looking for ideas...could you help me

Thanks :)

On Mar 27 2003, Andy wrote:
> Hey, that bridge building software and resources page are great!
> True, it seems it can be adapted down to middle school.

I am lucky
> to have about 1 hr / wk with kids blocked off as extra math/sci time
> in which we can do neat things like build bridges and towers.  I
> would never be able to fit in the bridge unit otherwise!

> wonder: how do teachers who have tighter schedules carve the time
> for their kids to step away from text and do *important* learning
> such as bridge building??

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