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Topic: Solving Equations Using Backtracking

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Subject:   RE: Solving Equations Using Backtracking
Author: Mathman
Date: Nov 4 2006
On Nov  4 2006, markovchaney wrote:
> Indeed, do
> we decide what methods to expose students to based strictly or
> primarily on how far they can be generalized to higher order
> equations, more complex equations, etc.?

P.S.  I meant to address this statement.  "strictly and primarily"? Certainly
not.  But to not have their future studies in mind does them a disservice.  What
will we do when they do reach those later studies and stumble?  Is there then
time enough to teach them what they should not only have learned in an earlier
year, but should have readily at their fingertips to move to the next level?
I've time and time again seen good students having great difficulty with
calculus when that was not their problem at all.  It was simply lack of earlier
skills that they had to learn anew while learning something really new that
needed those skills now.


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