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Topic: Conceptual approach to factoring polynomials

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Subject:   RE: Conceptual approach to factoring polynomials
Author: Mathman
Date: Dec 8 2006
On Dec  7 2006, thom96 wrote:
> It
> seems it was some type of chart that listed the factors of the
> constant term and then the possible sums of the middle x term, and
> then somehow by comparing and process of elimination the factors
> could be determined.  If I can dig this up I will forward it.

No need.  I have some strong background there, and am retired.  I will email you
with more information.  The "tables" are likely the optional product pairs,
listed to find a match for the sum.  One of the spreadsheets is a simple
exercise in just that.  I have other techniques, such as expressing as prime
factors and maneouvering them to suit.  Again, for the student, the problem is a
matter of "number sense" and skill gained through practice.  As much as the
expert in martial arts must drill, or the pianist practice, it requires no less
in this area of study.  Dull and boring, perhaps, but paying off big time, as
the martial artist or the pianist, or the baseball star becomes expert, and some
catch on more quickly than others.

Now, I'll pursue this further through email.

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