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Topic: Linear Lasers/Using Math tools

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Subject:   RE: Linear Lasers/Using Math tools
Author: Suzanne
Date: Jan 20 2007
Here are a few ideas that might help you. If you're actually browsing, for
example starting by using the "Math Topics" link in the left sidebar which takes
you to this page:

and then, perhaps, selecting "Math 7" which will put you here:

and then selecting one of the topics, such as "Linear relationships" which puts
you here: ,9.9,ALL,ALL/

you can sort that page by any of the things listed in that black area near the
top of the page. So, for example if you mouseover the word "Rating," you'll see
the word is highlighted in yellow. When you click on "Rating" the resources will
be sorted from highest/most ratings to the lowest/least ratings received.

Similarly, if you click on "Type" the items are sorted by whether they are an
activity, lesson plan, tool, tPoW, support material or story.

If you click on "$" all of the resources that require payment, are at the top
and you skip those if not interested, and only view the ones below that

If you find a browse page that has a number of resources that you might like to
investigate later, I would suggest using the link in the upper right that reads
"Save Results." If you use that, then that "page" is saved to your My MathTools
area and you can easily retrieve it on another visit to Math Tools.

Anything that is "saved" whether it be a browse page of listed resources or a
specific catalog page of one resource, can be accessed again by using the "My
MathTools" link on the top of the left sidebar (assuming that you're logged in).
When you click on your My MathTools link, you'll be on a page that displays your
"Profile" but you'll also notice that there are the tabs: Friends,
Subscriptions, Saved Items, Contributions

Under the "Saved Items" tab you'll find links to any of the pages that you've
"saved" and you can see that once you decide you don't really want one of them,
they are easy to delete.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful.

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