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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: 3
Date: Mar 29 2007
On Mar 22 2007, VMP wrote:
> Hello! I am new at the smartboard. I used it in college but haven't
> found the best way to use it in my 6th grade math class yet. I am
> going to be doing symmetry and shapes when we come back from Easter
> break. Any website or activity suggestions for me to start off with?
> I'm sure after I use it once or twice, I'll be able to create my own
> activites but right now I'm  drawing a blank.
Thanks in advance.

One way we used the smartboard in my class was to explore the difference between
perimeter and Area.  I created a word document with squares using the auto
shapes and copied and pasted the squares.  We then used the smart board to
create the same bumper car rides as suggested in the Connected Math book
Covering and Surrounding Problem 1.1.  Although I gave the students the tiles to
work with at their desks, this was a nice way to show their designs to the whole
class for suggestions and discussion.  We even used the same document to discuss
square numbers at a later date.  Good Luck.

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