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Topic: New Teaching Techniques in Algebra

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Subject:   RE: New Teaching Techniques in Algebra
Author: gggjoob
Date: Mar 29 2007
currently, i am a teaching assistant going through a Transition to Teaching
Program. I am glad you posted this and hope for a lively discussion on
approaches to teaching Algebra that keeps the students interested and motivated.
I've attempted a few lessons in HS-AlgebraI, keeping notes and ideas of what
might work. Maybe something long-term may be an approach, i.e. a semester long
project that takes the first 5-10 minutes of every class. I'm thinking a mock
stock portfolio, (IT'S JUST A THOUGHT!) whereby the students track their
portfolio values, become comfortable with graphs, calculating percentage
increases, decreases, offer opinions, AND see the considerations that go into
their favorite company's balance sheet. Again, it's just one idea I'm working
on. Another? ok...on Yahoo there is a question/answer forum. Maybe give extra
credit for students who offer intelligent help in the MATH HOMEWORK section, and
even extra-extra credit if their answer is choden as the best answer. Another?
dang. It's your turn, or someone else's turn. Arithmetic and Geometric
progressions are fun...and I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities of
teaching that. anyway, that's all for now. hope to hear from some experienced

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