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Topic: Order of Operations (BOMDAS)

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Subject:   RE: BOMDAS and PEMDAS
Author: p8s
Date: Mar 30 2007
I teach 6th grade math and have taught 7th and 8th as well.  My issue with both
of the methods mentioned above is md and as.  Kids get it in their heads, that
multiplication and division must be done in "that order"  multiply first then
divide which also applies to adding and subtracting. (Adults still believe that
too- you'd be amazed) I do not use either of these  We use a rap which I wrote
which includes our arms to represent the different parts of the order.  If
you're interested it goes like this...
(I preface this with a discussion of grouping symbols for those h.s. folks who
are worried)
Parentheses , inside out (students should raise their arms over their heads
slightly bent to represent the parentheses)
Then exponents (students hold their right hand above their head, just above
their right ear with their pointer and thumb making a c to represent the
exponent their head is the base)
Multiply ((arms in x infront of chest,)or Divide  (right arm makes a slash
across chest) LEFT TO RIGHT (swish arms across chest to indicate left to
Then add (take a step forward) or subtract (take a step back) LEFT TO RIGHT
(swish arms again)

The beat is ...
Par  en the ses in side out
then ex pon nents
mul ti ply or di vide left to right
then add or sub tract left to right
we call it the OOO song-  it seems to work much better and they like to get up
out of their desks and do it!  You can put a cha cha cha at the end if you're
feeling silly

PS-  the girl shopping thing-  a little sexist!

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