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Topic: Order of Operations (BOMDAS)

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Subject:   RE: BOMDAS and PEMDAS and the beat goes on!
Author: db
Date: Apr 15 2007
I love this method!  I will use it on Monday (tomorrow) as part of the OOO
review.  Thanks ever so much.  But, er..., uh,..., what is the beat please?  I
cannot seem to make it right:(  

ps.  we use guys as well as "girls" in GEMDAS, which, BTW, I think I will stop
using for all of the reasons cited here.  Thanks everyone.

On Mar 30 2007, p8s wrote:
> I teach 6th grade math and have taught 7th and 8th as well.  My
> issue with both of the methods mentioned above is md and as.  Kids
> get it in their heads, that multiplication and division must be done
> in "that order"  multiply first then divide which also applies to
> adding and subtracting. (Adults still believe that too- you'd be
> amazed) I do not use either of these  We use a rap which I wrote
> which includes our arms to represent the different parts of the
> order.  If you're interested it goes like this...
(I preface this
> with a discussion of grouping symbols for those h.s. folks who are
> worried)
Parentheses , inside out (students should raise their arms
> over their heads slightly bent to represent the parentheses)
> exponents (students hold their right hand above their head, just
> above their right ear with their pointer and thumb making a c to
> represent the exponent their head is the base)
Multiply ((arms in x
> infront of chest,)or Divide  (right arm makes a slash across chest)
> LEFT TO RIGHT (swish arms across chest to indicate left to right)
> Then add (take a step forward) or subtract (take a step back) LEFT
> TO RIGHT (swish arms again)

The beat is ...
Par  en the ses in
> side out
then ex pon nents
mul ti ply or di vide left to right
> then add or sub tract left to right
we call it the OOO song-  it
> seems to work much better and they like to get up out of their desks
> and do it!  You can put a cha cha cha at the end if you're feeling
> silly

PS-  the girl shopping thing-  a little sexist!

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