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Topic: algebra 1

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Subject:   RE: algebra 1
Author: Hightower
Date: Apr 18 2007
On Apr 18 2007, zenus wrote:

I would like to find any dvd's for the explantion on how to do algebra 1 and two
help a depreate mom needing help to understand what my son is learning.


There are several excellent DVD's on Algebra that will assist you and your son.
You should obtain a copy of the Standard Deviants Algebra I, Parts One and

This "challeging tutorial" covers everything from Algebraic properties, Linear
Equations, and Functions in Part One to Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Roots and
Factors and Higher Order Polynomials in Part Two.

You can probably purchase a new Algebra I DVD online at or a
cheap used copy at Marketplace.  The Teaching Company,
1-800-Teach-12, also has an excellent Algebra I DVD taught by Dr. Monica
Neagoy, a Georgetown University Math professor.

The big difference between the Teaching Company and Standard Deviant DVD is the
price, with the Teaching Company DVD being much more expensive, and the fact
that the Teaching Company DVD comes with an excellent workbook, and the Standard
Deviants DVD does not.

I hope that this helps.

Larry Hightower, CPA
Math Teacher and Tutor

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