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Topic: Graphing Calculators

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Subject:   RE: Graphing Calculators
Author: Scot
Date: May 4 2007
To answer the first question: Are graphics calculators effective teaching tools?

They certainly can be, but that is up to the teacher incorporating them into
their lessons.  To just give a student technology without guidance isn't going
to help them.  You need to show them how and what that technology can do.  This
includes the meanings of the keystrokes they are doing...why are they pushing
the buttons...what does the input tell the calculator and what does the output
tell the operator of the calculator.

Graphics calcs can show relationships between algebraic, numeric and geometric
concepts.  They can help discover patterns and construct algebraic and geometric
representations of those patterns and allow students to look at more complicated
problems than they would normally be able to do by hand.  They can also be used
to perform experiments and collect data...things normally reserved for a science
classroom...and then analyse that data in many different ways.

If all you are going to do is crunch numbers with it then you are wasting

It's all up to the teacher.

Scot Meyer
Watertown HS
Watertown Wi

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