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Topic: Graphing Calculators

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Subject:   RE: Graphing Calculators
Author: dorey
Date: May 4 2007
On May  3 2007, PamelaSkelly wrote:
> Are graphing calculators effective teaching tools? I am working with
> a middle school that has some grant funds to purchase math
> instructional supplies. One teacher suggested purchasing graphing
> calculators for one classroom that teachers can share. Another
> teacher felt graphing calculators aren't used the way they had been
> in math a few years ago.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Pam

Pam, Graphing Calculators are an essential tool in the mathematics classroom be
it middle school or high school.  Many students can beifit from the use of
graphing calculators.  I have taught middle schoo and high school and I use
graphing calculators everyday in my classroom no matter what grade level I
teach.  The benifits of using them is all on how the teacher uses them in thier
 Granted we want and expect every student to learn the basic math facts,
multiplication table and everything else.  The point is, the students are not
learning them and most of us don't have time in our schedule to teach them
something they should have already learned.  The graphing calculators speed up
the process of their work.
 If they know why they are using the key stroks thier using and getting the
correct answer I see nothing wrong with using calculators. The best advantage is
the use of them during the state standardized testing. Whis this being a timed
test, Our students need every advantage they can get.
 If you have a problem with students playing game, you can always delete the
game.  Graphing Calculators are very helpful.  If you have enough grant money.
I suggest you buy a classroom set for every mathematics classroom.

Dorey Love
Southwest Learning Academy
Little Rock School Dist.

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