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Topic: Mathematica in Secondary Education

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Subject:   RE: Mathematica in Secondary Education
Author: mr. privacy
Date: May 27 2007
I think you certainly raised some interesting questions.

To get some data points on your questions:

When my sister took calculus in ~ 1998, she seemed to be part of the first wave
of TI Graphing Visual Calculators in the Classroom, with the TI 82. When I took
calculus about 4 years later in 2002, the TI got up to a TI83 Plus, with TI89
being the State of the Art.

Additionally, we had specially formulated add on teaching tools: an overhead
projection with an input option for teaching TI83 Plus Calculator.

Few people took advantage of the opportunity to program the calculator, but
everyone was consumed by the potential to play games on the calculator, and the
cool, syncing capabilities (i.e. if somebody had the program in his calculator,
you could transmit that program to a friends calculator over a cable wire).

About 4 years, 2006, my college required Math Science students to do homework on
MatLab, a software simulation application similar to Mathematica.

So, there is no doubt, that Math Pedagogy, has changed with the introduction of
the calculator. My schools required the use of the technologies in our

It is exciting to have these new capabilities for learning, but I, too, am not
sure just how these tools are going to change the instruction of mathematics, or
how they can be used to optimally learn mathematics.


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