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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: CarolS
Date: Jun 12 2007
  This is my first year teaching and the SMARTBOARD is the BEST!!  Imagine a
white board, on the wall or on legs. A projector shows a picture on the board
and when you TOUCH the picture, you can manipulate it.  It's like your hand is
the mouse, the pen, everything!  You can make your own lessons or you can
download them from other sources.  You can use SMARTBOARD lessons , or
PowerPoint lessons or even United Streaming.  Fractions and fraction pies all
connected, living literature, social studies - like heierarchy pyramids - all
  It is amazing!
Check it out at

On Jun 12 2007, chobbs wrote:
> Okay so I have been teaching thirteen years and I have no idea what
> a smartboard is or does or maybe I do and do not realize it. I am
> sure of one thing, our school does not have this technology nor can
> they afford something like this. What is the hype and what can I do
> to find out more about it and what would it bring to my classroom
> that would make heads spin, eyes light up, and of course the
> almighty scores soar.

On Jun 10 2007, mima wrote:
> I teach 4th
> grade and have used Smartboard two years.  I absolutely
> love it!
> I have attended the free workshops Smarttech offers and
> found
> them extremely helpful.  They offer workshops all year long at
> different places.  There is a lot of help available through their
> website  There are a lot of lessons already
> developed from both the U S and Canada.  There are also links to
> smartboard users all over the world.  Your students are going to
> become very engaged in the learning!

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