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Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: lanius
Date: Jun 15 2007
What about Saxon for independent learning with a Math Forum Alg PoW subscription
for problem solving?

(I can say this since I am not employed by the Math Forum.)


On Jun 15 2007, db wrote:
> I agree with Kenny that Discovering Algebra is a great text, so is
> the McDougal Littell text.  As a professional, I would not choose
> Saxon.  However, for do-it-yourselfers, with limited access to help,
> I would choose Saxon.  Yes, it is just procedure.  My experience is
> that NO ONE reads the text and both Key Curriculum Press
> (Discovering Algebra) and McDougal would require a mature student
> willing the read the 2, 3 or more pages of each lesson.  Saxon has
> one page with examples and lots of practice.  Learning algebra on
> your own is tough.  I am not a betting woman, but I would bet that
> less than 10% of students learning algebra on their own with
> occassional guidance (as I understand the situation) would read
> either Discovering Algebra or McDougal.

Please let me iterate,
> Discovering Algebra or McDougal would be my books of choice if I
> were teaching a class.  Saxon would be my first choice, bar none, if
> advising students learning on their own.

Respectfully, db

> Jun 15 2007, gerirose wrote:
> On Jun 14 2007, Kenny C wrote:
> I
> work in a high school
> continuation program, where students need
> to
> be able to learn as
> much as they can from their textbooks.
> They can
> come in and get
> help, but it is not a teacher
> directed classroom
> situation.
> Please give me recommendations
> of what Algebra texts you
> feel
> would be most helpful for
> students in this situation.  Thanks!

> you want your
> students, even on their own, to learn more than
> procedure but
> also ways of thinking about algebra and mathematics, I
> recommend
> Discovering Algebra.  Although it may seem to be a non-
> traditional and need a little more help from you, your students will
> > end up with a solid foundation with which to continue their
> studies,
> geri a-n

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