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Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: cfriesen
Date: Jun 16 2007
I've found the responses very interesting. Several observations:
a. I like McDougal texts and have used them.
b. I sometimes wonder just how much students read the textbook.  Does anyone
REALLY know??? I suspect there is much in present day texts that is never read
by students.  
c. I wonder if all the color and glitz of the present day math books really
improves learning and retention.
d.  While I have never been a zealot of Saxon, I have observed characteristics
in the program that I like:  Students are required to REMAIN accountable for
many topics throughout the semester, as opposed to narrowly focusing upon
today's topic.  
e.  A great teacher can help students learn using McDougal texts. And a great
teacher can help students learn using Saxon texts.  And a great teacher
overcomes or addresses the challenges I suggested in b. and d.
f.  Parting shot:  I have been depressed at the number of worksheets I have
observed math teachers use on a routine basis.  Does this say something about
the text they are using?  Some textbooks have a VERY VERY poor selection of
exercises (both range of exercises and amount of practice) which the student can
be assigned on a daily basis.  Teachers using these "problem-poor" texts are
almost required to use the publishers supplemental worksheets in order to give
students a meaningful and complete homework assignment.

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