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Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: autumdove
Date: Jun 27 2007
You make an excellent point; however, contrary to your opinion of Saxon math,
the HOW and WHY is exactly what I learned by studying Saxon math!  In contract,
the HOW and WHY exactly what I didn't learn when studying Hughes-Hallett
Calculus, which basically requires students to reinvent the wheel!  

In college, I watched student after student drop out every filed of mathematics
simply because they were required to work problems they could not understand; in
short they were required to reinvent math.  By the time we reached upper level
math classes, there were only a handful of students left.  Why?  Primarily
because mathematicians cannot teach math effectively.  Actually, from what I
have seen, math departments are of the opinion that if you cannot reinvent
mathematics, then you shouldn’t be studying math.  What if schools had that
opinion in other subjects as well?!

Think about it.  Do we require students to reinvent grammar, history, geography,
and other subjects?  No, we teach them.   Don’t get me wrong.  Some discovery
learning is ok, but why on earth would anyone in their right mind what to
require students, who are not mathematician to reinvent mathematics?  It took
mathematicians centuries to make many of these mathematical discoveries, yet
many schools are trying to have young students WHO are not mathematicians
reinvent mathematics.  It is no wonder that America’s students have fallen so
far behind in the field of mathematics!   Wouldn’t it be better to teach them
than to have them never learn math?

The sad truth is that mathematicians typically cannot teach mathematics because
they cannot understand the viewpoint of average non-mathematical students!
If you will check the record, John Saxon had to struggle to learn mathematics
(like myself), thus we can understand students struggling to learn math and can
teach them more effectively…

No insults intended.  That is just a fact.

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