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Topic: SmartBoard

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Subject:   RE: SmartBoard
Author: RhondaC
Date: Jun 30 2007
My school district worked out the finances for the ActivBoards and all related
equipment through its budget.  They saw a real need to bring our classrooms into
the "tech age".  I believe the cost was around $4,000 per classroom.  All media
centers (libraries) in the schools received the equipment first.  Then,
alphabetically, the High School classrooms, middle schools and elementary school
classrooms received theirs.  The district then offered professional development
on how to use the equipment.  Chalk boards are now used as bulletin boards or
covered with dry-erase white boards.  We were ecstatic about the new
technology, and the fact that, after installation, we were told, "Don't use
chalk anymore!"  Maintenance personnel have the job of cleaning the filters to
the multimedia projectors mounted on the ceilings.

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