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Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: csp
Date: Jul 3 2007
On Jun 15 2007, Dr. Pat wrote:
> I highly recommend the McDougall Littell Algebra One. I have been in
> the business 40+ years and see this as the best there is. I also
> highly recommend Destination Math, the interactive software program
> from Riverdeep. It can be used with a large group, in a lab with
> each student at his/her own computer or in an after school
> intervention program. We have used in all three situations
> successfully.

The district is now reversing a decision made
> several years ago and is dropping all use of the Saxon program.
> Good luck,

can you please tell me why you are dropping Saxon math?  My school (K-8) is
looking for a pre-algebra and algebra text/course (for grades 7 and 8) and we
are considering Saxon.  FYI our rising 8th graders are weak while the rising 7th
graders are stronger.

thanks for any help you can give me,

Dr. Pat
Covina-Valley Unified School District

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