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Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: csp
Date: Jul 3 2007
On Jun 15 2007, lanius wrote:
> What about Saxon for independent learning with a Math Forum Alg PoW
> subscription for problem solving?

> can say this since I am not employed by the Math Forum.)


Cynthia, I am following this discussion with great interest since I am looking
for pre-algebra and algebra texts for this academic year for grades 7 and

Do you have any experience with Saxon Math?  I am having trouble finding any
kind of concensus on what would be a good curriculum for middle school math.
Our students are not strong in math, but the incoming 7th grade is testing much
higher than the incoming 8th grade (according to our benchmarks; our state test
results aren't in yet).

I have looking at the government clearing house WhatWorks  (I can get you the
URL if you're interested) and they give good marks to Saxon Math.  That's the
only "credentials" I have found so far for any middle school math

> On Jun 15 2007, db wrote:
> I agree with Kenny that Discovering
> Algebra is a great text, so is
> the McDougal Littell text.  As a
> professional, I would not choose
> Saxon.  However, for do-it-
> yourselfers, with limited access to help,
> I would choose Saxon.
> Yes, it is just procedure.  My experience is
> that NO ONE reads
> the text and both Key Curriculum Press
> (Discovering Algebra) and
> McDougal would require a mature student
> willing the read the 2, 3
> or more pages of each lesson.  Saxon has
> one page with examples
> and lots of practice.  Learning algebra on
> your own is tough.  I
> am not a betting woman, but I would bet that
> less than 10% of
> students learning algebra on their own with
> occassional guidance
> (as I understand the situation) would read
> either Discovering
> Algebra or McDougal.

Please let me iterate,
> Discovering
> Algebra or McDougal would be my books of choice if I
> were
> teaching a class.  Saxon would be my first choice, bar none, if
> advising students learning on their own.

Respectfully, db

> > Jun 15 2007, gerirose wrote:
> On Jun 14 2007, Kenny C wrote:
> I
> work in a high school
> continuation program, where students
> need
> to
> be able to learn as
> much as they can from their
> textbooks.
> They can
> come in and get
> help, but it is not a
> teacher
> directed classroom
> situation.
> Please give me
> recommendations
> of what Algebra texts you
> feel
> would be
> most helpful for
> students in this situation.  Thanks!

> you want your
> students, even on their own, to learn more than
> procedure but
> also ways of thinking about algebra and
> mathematics, I
> recommend
> Discovering Algebra.  Although it may
> seem to be a non-
> traditional and need a little more help from
> you, your students will
> > end up with a solid foundation with
> which to continue their
> studies,
> geri a-n

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